Alabama Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ

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Alabama Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdictional Supervisor

   Mother Dorothy J. Pulliam is the second oldest child born to Robert and Charlene Gunn. She is a 1968 graduate of N. D. Taylor High School, Yazoo City, Mississippi.

   Mother Pulliam has spent more than 36 years working professionally in the education and counseling field. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education and Counseling from the University of Alabama, and is a lecturer speaker and consultant on career choices/management marriage, children issues and family life. She is a retired guidance counselor for the Department of Defense.

   Mother Pulliam became the Third Women’s Department Supervisor of Alabama Second Jurisdiction in 1995, following the death of Mother Rosa Howard. She has served the church as Sunday School Teacher, President of the Young Women Christian Council, and District Missionary. 

   Mother Pulliam served as the first Jurisdictional Supervisor of the Department of Women in West Germany from 1984 – 1989. During her tenure as supervisor in Germany, she established and organized the women’s ministry.

   The Lord relocated Mother Pulliam and her husband, Superintendent M. Earl Pulliam to Fort Rucker, Alabama, where they established Light of the Word Ministries Church of God in Christ in January 1990.