Alabama Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ

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The History of Alabama Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction
   In 1964, the national church honored the request of several of the brethren in Alabama to create the Second Jurisdiction.  That year, Elder James Marshall Bailey of Mobile, Alabama was ordained Bishop over the Second Jurisdiction of Alabama.  Missionary Lorene Netter was appointed State Mother under the leadership of Bishop Bailey.  Bishop Bailey served as Bishop of the 2nd Jurisdiction until April of 1973.  Bishop Bailey's humility and example of a holy life serves as a beacon for all who shall follow him.
   Elder Welsey S. Harris of Huntsville, Alabama was ordained Bishop over the Second Jurisdiction of Alabama in September of 1974.  After the death of the State Mother, Lorene Netter, in 1985, Missionary Rosa Howard of Birmingham, Alabama was appointed State Mother and served under the leadership of Bishop Welsey S. Harris until her death in 1995.  Missionary Dorothy Pulliam was appointed to State Mother of Second Jurisdiction in 1995 after the death of Mother Howard and presently serves in that capacity. 
   In April 2001, Superintendent Philip A. Gardner, Sr. was appointed Bishop of Second Jurisdiction and is presently serving as Bishop of the Second Jurisdiction of Alabama.